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All-round Privacy & Security

Your data is encrypted over 2 layers at all times. Throughout a file's lifecycle, its contents are completely obsfucated, preventing anyone from accessing your data.

There are no back-doors. We respect your need for privacy, which is why by principle, we do not provide any back-doors to read your data-- not for support teams, not for developers and not even for administrators.

Never Loose Your Data Again

In Binder, files are distributed across multiple locations. So spill coffee all you like¹, Binder will let you focus on the work you need to do.

Binned files persist in Binder². What this means is, if somehow you lost a file on your computer-- maybe someone accidentally deleted a file, or maybe you moved it to a different folder-- regardless of what happens, Binder gives you the option to restore that file.

Automatically Update Files

Any updates you make are swiftly backed up to Binder. No longer do you need to manually upload every single revision you make, be rest assured your work is being kept safe and sound in Binder.

We keep old file versions³. If you realise you don't want a specific update to be backed up, you can either roll-back the file to a former version, or update the file to overwrite the version.

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